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Life Audits

A chance to take stock, evaluate where you are now, where you have been and where you hope your future will take you. Undertaking a life audit is the start of understanding and orientating your actions to create the future you want.

An introduction to Laughter Yoga; Created in the 1990's in India, following an understanding that laughter can affect your wellbeing and health, this workshop will explore the benefits of this yogic routine and provide exercises to combat the stress and strains of modern living.

As life unfolds, our ability to connect, hear and trust in our inner self can be lost. Gaining awareness of our whole selves and using tools like Guided Meditation can help us regain contact with our inner voice, provide peace, direction and insight.

Laughter Yoga
Connecting to our inner self
workshops - life audits and relationships
Mind Body Connection
Identity, Sexuality, Gender

What does culture mean to us and what is the impact and role in our everyday lives? Understanding the cultural spheres that shape us can aid our resilience, our ability to be adaptable as well as our capacity to understand and accept the points of view of others alongside our own.

Anger is a difficult emotion both to express and experience. This workshop will explore what anger means to us as individuals and within society, the benefits of expressing emotions before they take control and methods to deal with anger in positive ways.

Mindfulness is the capacity to be in the here and now, to see your current situation from a place of awareness and reflection, stepping beyond thinking, feeling and judging. Incorporating the simple practices of Mindfulness into our everyday life can help break unhelpful cycles and the impact of stress and anxiety. This workshop is an introduction to the basic principles and tools of Mindfulness. Mental training aimed at moving towards a more content life.

Are our bodies trying to tell us something? Is it time we started to listen? A discussion and exploration of the relationship between physical illness and the mind, as well as ways in which to understand and hear what our body is trying to say.

We are constantly being asked to define ourselves, to fit into the boxes created by society, communities, those around us. In exploring our concept of self we can work on our pre-judgements, awareness and our capacity to understand the attitudes and beliefs which form who we are. Through an exploration of our different facets, we can learn how to acquire modes of being that allow a greater harmony within ourselves.


Creating better relationships and understanding what occurs in our interactions can be extremely complicated, emotionally challenging and difficult to manage.  The aim of this workshop is to acquire awareness of how we relate, in the hope of constructing more fulfilling relationships in the future, regardless of the past.

Workshops - gudided meditation and laughter yoga
Workshops - culture and anger
Workshops - mindfulness and mind body connection
Workshops - identity etc

Workshop Summaries

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