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Taran Bhullar MBACP Accred. registered


Taran is a British Asian experienced in living within two different cultures. Having been born and grown up in multi-cultural England she has since also experienced expat life in other European countries.


She is a committed BACP registered accredited practitioner who offers an open, inclusive and transparent environment in which you are empowered to develop your awareness and emotional skills. For Taran, Counselling/Psychotherapy  is a collaborative relationship, a dialogue between two separate and unique people, not somewhere you are told what to do.


Currently living in Angers, France, she supports others in developing their emotional skills, resilience, gaining awareness, managing the transition of country and culture (moving from just surviving to flourishing in their environment) and cultivating resilience.


Taran offers a safe, private and confidential humanistic Counselling/Psychotherapy service in English or French in the following forms:

- face to face 1:1 counselling in the centre of Angers, France 

- Telephone counselling

- Online counselling

- Couple's counselling

- EAP counselling

- Life Audit counselling


- Workshops

- Conferences

- Mindfulness


T Bhullar Therapy, Tarandeep Bhullar

Taran is entirely professional, kind, compassionate, easy to talk to and together we managed to unravel the complex person that I had made myself into. 





Stop living in fear, just START LIVING


Learn the tools to move past fear and doubt and to trust in yourself

She is wise and delicate, and has that rare ability to make you feel safe and even strong.



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