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I came into contact with Taran through a common friend and that was really a fortunate stroke of serendipity. 

I was going through a tough period in my life. I was constantly questioning my past life decisions and I was feeling lost about my present and about the future. 

The sessions I had with her helped me a lot to reconnect with myself, to shed light on some parts of me that I couldn't grasp and to analyze the situation I am living, trying to identify what is wrong or what is not good for me and trying to look for solutions.

I always found it hard to talk openly with someone about my problems, but Taran was able to create a really safe and comfortable environment for me to be able to share my thoughts and fears. Her exercises gave me a great insight and I really appreciated the fact that we could move forward according to my pace, since sometimes I needed more time to work on myself and think a little bit more. 

I am really grateful to her for her support and guidance along the months where we were meeting. 


Life Audit Testimonial



Seeing Taran allowed me to see what was going wrong in my role at work more clearly. It helped me feel more in control in dealing with my work issues. I had lost confidence in myself and my capabilities and working with Taran helped me remember what was important to me and what I could be proud of. She was open and didn't judge my choices; always listening and helping me find the most important parts to work on and explore.

Through these sessions I have learnt strategies of how to deal with similiar issues that come up at work and knowing myself better means I can anticpate problems and what I need to support myself in my role.



Thank you Taran for helping me to discover what I really want to be doing in my life. Having personalised sessions and being able to take my time to explore the activities meant that I was able to come to a picture of my future in my own time. I learnt what was holding me back and how I wanted to move forward. Although it was scary at times I am really grateful for the support in making the life changes I wanted to make and I am much happier now knowing I am working in something which makes me feel good and is fun.


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