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Online Therapy

Online Therapy is a service which can facilitate your access to support and can help overcome certain obstacles such as:

- living in an isolated place far from therapy services

- no access to transport or able to leave

- for those who can’t leave their home to find support

- lack of time

- busy schedules

- not always being in the same place


It can be as simple as the fact that this mode of communication suits you better.

It allows a much more choice when looking for a therapist; allowing the possibility of finding the best fit to you and your needs.

I offer Online Therapy via:

- Skype

- WhatsApp

- Facetime

- Vsee

- a platform called RingMD

go to the Contact me page to arrange a session

Further information on fees for counselling sessions and methods of payment on the Fees and Payment page





In our time working together, Taran provided a space to bloom.  Under her caring and gentle guidance, I learned to cope with my past, and developed a stronger sense of self.  Most importantly, I learned to extend forgiveness and compassion to myself.  This work has paid me back in higher self-worth, a resurgence in creativity, and a stable sense of well-being.  I'm seeing life in color now.




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