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Sandra BURT, Pays de la Loire, France


After months of feeling very low, I was recommended counselling, which had I lived in the UK would have been easily arranged, but living in rural France, I doubted if I could find a suitable person…but with the help of the internet I was able to find a counsellor who spoke English and was located close to home - her name is Tarandeep Bhullar.  There are times in your life when taking the only option available ends in trouble, but I can honestly say that finding Tarandeep was one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Tarandeep is entirely professional, kind, compassionate, easy to talk to and together we managed to unravel the complex person that I had made myself into.  We did this over a period of a year and although there were sometimes difficult sessions, Tarandeep was always supportive and encouraged me to keep going.  At the end of our sessions, Tarandeep would leave me with words and thoughts to contemplate before we met again. Our meetings were flexible and could be set up as a face-to-face, over the phone or Skype – whichever was best for my family schedule.

I cannot recommend Tarandeep highly enough and I encourage you to make contact with her.




Taran was able to create a safe space for me where I could bring everything that troubled me and slowly I was able to understand why I had developed the patterns of behaviour that I had. This awareness meant that I could stand back  from where I felt I was and see what choices I really had, whereas before I started seeing her I had seen no choice. Seeing Taran meant that I felt more in charge of my life and the direction I wanted it to take. It also helped me feel more confident and able to negotiate the kind of relationship I wanted in my life.



Taran is an enormously empathic and insightful practitioner. She can help clients see to the root of a problem very quickly, facilitating self awareness and clarity. She is the most effective therapist I know of, and has a true gift to help people deal with their issues and move on with their lives in a more positive way. A very perceptive lady.







Taran has been very precious and supportive in an important period of my life. I had to take decisions that frightened me and she made me feel sufficiently confident to dare to change the part of my life I was unhappy with. Patiently listening, she led me to find the solutions myself. She clarified what was obscure and even more, made simple what I considered complicated and terrifying. She is wise and delicate, and has that rare ability to make you feel safe and even strong. I owe her not a small part of my happiness and I am very grateful to her.



One would think that living as an American expatriate in France would be a marvelous and exciting experience. And it can be. But what most people don't realize is that living abroad can be quickly overwhelming and exhausting. For me personally, having been through a recent divorce, feeling homesick and culturally displaced, and losing all the familiar things that gave me my sense of identity, I was slipping into a state of chaos and negativity. Trying to find balance and happiness in my daily life seemed impossible while struggling with a foreign language and lack of family and friends. Through our sessions, Taran created a space where I could vent my frustrations and speak my fears, her reticent ear and careful insights helped me to quickly find myself again. The search for happiness is a lifelong mission, but Taran helped me get back on track towards making the life that I wanted for myself. Sometimes, just having a good conversation was all I needed.




Every week I looked forward to seeing you.  You let me talk about whatever I wanted to talk about, but you had a gentle way of pulling me back to exploring how I felt about myself and how I saw life. Over a period of time that pull helped me to define and cherish myself.  I am somebody.

You helped me discover that I can live well and reasonably happily outside my usual environment.  I wish I had learned to do that many years ago. 

I like the boundaries and limits you so gently and subtly imposed on our conversations (or perhaps we imposed them together).  I learned that you are an individual apart from me and that you have your own life.  I did not swallow you up.  You did not become me and I did not become you.  This boundary setting gave a kind of form that was safe and comfortable.  Without those boundaries my curiosity about you would have become a focus and distraction. 

You did not like the word obsessive when I applied it to myself. I think that that was because it suggests limits and ill health.  I believe you wanted me to see that I was not limited.  This is comforting.

You taught me that I cannot be everything that others want and need and that I should be satisfied with who I am.  This also is comforting.

Thank you for your honest interest in me and your authenticity.



"When I first sought Taran for her services, I was feeling flat, like my life was in black and white.  Everything felt overwhelming and out of my control.  Initially, I just wanted a space where I had permission to fall apart.


In our time working together, Taran provided a space to bloom.  Under her caring and gentle guidance, I learned to cope with my past, and developed a stronger sense of self.  Most importantly, I learned to extend forgiveness and compassion to myself.  This work has paid me back in higher self-worth, a resurgence in creativity, and a stable sense of well-being.  I'm seeing life in color now.


Not much has changed in my external life; but with this internal growth, I am better equipped to navigate through whatever comes my way."


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