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Module1. Life Audit


Sessions 1-4 will focus on understanding where you are, where you have been and where you would like to go. By developing a global view of yourself and using techniques to understand and evaluate which areas of your life are more developed than others, life auditing offers a solid base on which to begin your personal development journey.



Module 2. Understanding and connecting to the self


Sessions 5-8 are a chance to explore your connectedness and comprehension of your inner resources. Building on what you have learnt in your life audit (the significance of your values, experiences and beliefs) these workshops will assist you in expanding your conception of self by discerning what paralyzes, drives or animates you. Some of the concepts explored will include the mind and body connection, the role of emotions and guided visualisations. 

Module 3. The self and the other
Sessions 9-12 deepens the awareness of ourselves by taking us from an internal to external and relational concept of self. Tackling the complexity of relationships, communication and emotions in our ability to navigate the we of the world. These sessions will strengthen and explore modes of being which can create greater harmony within ourselves.


Workshops are broken up into modules. Each module is made up of 4 sessions, working with differing techniques to explore and increase awareness around one global theme.

Module 4. Accepting the self


Sessions 13-16 are a chance to consolidate and implement learning from the other modules. Finding practical ways of creating curiousity, new perperspectives and acceptanceof you and your context more fully. You will work from a place of awareness and reflection, stepping beyond thinking, feeling and judging to the future you.

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